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Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck

Liposuction, alone or in different combinations with skin reductions, in the abdomen is today one of the most common plastic surgery operations. Abdominoplasty covers everything from large operations with transposition of the umbilicus in the skin to minor skin reductions in the lower abdomen. Liposuction of the stomach in conjunction with rectus-muscle plasty is often an important part of the abdominoplasty. When carrying out an extensive abdominoplasty, we perform most of the procedures at the first major operation. We never thin-out the central part of the abdominal skin with liposuction at the same time, because that implies a risk to the survival of the skin. We do this six months later, as a planned and second procedure.

Compared to the first procedure, this second operation is a small intervention and you will be active after only a few days. We have never had any problems with skin slough when we have used this technique. “Dog ears,” which are common after the first surgery, can conveniently be removed at the second one. The final result can therefore be influenced by the patient at the second procedure. Unless you are considerably over-weight, with fat inside abdominal muscles, your abdomen will be flat. Fat in the stomach cannot be removed with liposuction, but only through weight-loss and hard training. Many women have excess fat in the pubic area. When the stomach becomes flat, this fat looks odd as it creates an unpleasant bulge. We can attend to this already at the first abdominoplasty by lifting up the lower abdomen and the pubic area during the procedure. However, the second surgery gives an opportunity to thin out the lower abdomen further. The hips are greatly improved already during the first tummy tuck and the pubic area is often made thinner, using liposuction.

All types of abdominoplasty and liposuction are carried out at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.     

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