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Skin Care

Superficial Skin Improvement

Chemical peeling has been used for a long time and has been effective, but has some adverse effects. These are mainly difficulties in controlling the depth of the trauma to the skin. The pigmentation of the skin can be disturbed, which causes a bleaching and makes it white, and some patients can never again become sunburnt. We use instead the lasers and IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light) for the same indications. Our combinations of the CO2-laser and mechanical dermabrasio have been very successful with minimal or no complications and good results after only one treatment. The superficial part of the skin is often treated in a single procedure, and sometimes before or after face-lift surgery.

We do sometimes use chemical peeling, but then with the active ingredients: glycolic acid, vitamin C and vitamin A, which are then in much lower concentrations. The treatment continues for several months and has obvious effects. These substances are the active ingredients in many skin care products as well, but only in low concentration, so as not to give any side effects. The idea is then long treatments with low concentration, in order to avoid complications. The skin is slowly rebuilt and rejuvenated. For dimples on the skin surface, autologous fat is a good complement, for examples for scars after serious acne. Acne often causes changes in pigmentation and scars in the skin. Fractionated laser, which can be used in a more or less forceful way, is a good alternative. Most people prefer several, less aggressive treatments to a treatment that can cause open wounds for 1-2 weeks.

Small wrinkles and furrows in the eyelids can now be treated with fractionated laser.  Simultaneously small local skin folds (e.g. after blepfaroplasty) can also be treated by fractionated laser at our clinic. The result is good, and no open surgery is needed, which is an advantage. The patient can go to work on the same or the next day. In some cases, fine wrinkles remain in the lower eyelids after blepharoplasty, and this can also be treated with fractionated laser. Remember that an excess of skin in the face, or in any other place, can never be removed or become elegant through the use of fillers or autologous fat, but only through a skin removal, such as a face-lift.

These treatments with CO2-laser, fractionated laser, IPL and autologous fat are performed at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.