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Silicone Implants

Photos of different silicone implants.

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Silikon 3
High Profile Implants
Silikon 2
Different Forms of Gel Implants
Silikon 1
Gel Implant 300

High Profile Implants

High profile round implants.
Sizes from the left: 280cc, 300cc, 325cc, 350cc, 400cc.

Different Forms of Gel Implants

Different forms of gel implants.
To the left a drop-shaped implant, and to the right a round implant.
The round implants feel more natural and the breasts move in a natural way. Drop-shaped implants stay firm and can sometimes be an alternative, for example for a middle-aged woman. Several of our patients have become much happier after a change from drop-shaped, so-called anatomical implants to round, high gel implants, since they and the breast move in a much more natural way.

Gel Implant 300

Silicone gel implant 300cc