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Patient Case

Patient Case

Before: The patient in the photo below is a 29 years old woman with severe damage to the scalp and forehead and loss of forehead skin and hair-bearing scalp.

After reconstruction with tissue expansion: The hairline and forehead look normal and the original very serious damage is now invisible.


Congenital Giant Nevus and Scars

Tissue expansion has become a valuable complementary technique for face and neck reconstructions.

Before: The boy below, 8 years old, had extensive nevus deformities on the right cheek and on the neck as well as scars following previous operations at another clinic.

After surgery, including tissue expansion: The Nevus deformities on the right side of the face and on the neck have been removed and a normal social life is now possible. There is no alternative to tissue expansion. Alterations to pigmentation on the ear have also been removed. The after-surgery-photo below was taken several years after the reconstruction.