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Rhinoplasty ( Nose Surgery)

Surgery on the nose includes everything from small corrections of the tip and cartilage part under local anaesthetia to more extensive surgery of the entire nose. Complicated and seriously deformed noses are usually operated on by so-called open rhinoplasty. This means that the skin cover of the nose is lifted up, revealing both cartilage and bone structure. So-called closed rhinoplasty is applicable when the problem lies mainly in the bony upper or middle part of the nose. Reconstruction of the nose often requires extra cartilage, taken either from septum or from the ears. Both congenitally  deformed or later traumatized noses are often corrected at the Institute of Plastic Surgery. Functional breathing problems are usually corrected at the same time. Few patients are happier than the young women with a big dominant nose when they look in the mirror after the operation and see a beautiful nose, eyes and mouth, or the young men with a deformed nose and severe breathing problems who now look normal again and no longer have any functional problems.

Cleft Lip and Palate Deformity

What is cleft lip and associated deformities of the nose, jaw and palate?

This is a congenital deformity in which the two sides of the lip and associated structures have not been united. In milder cases, the cleft only divides the lip, but in others, all the structures (lip, jaw, palate) including the nose, are affected. The cleft can even be double and affect both sides of the lips. These cases are most difficult to reconstruct. At the same time the nose is flat, broad and deviates to one or even to both sides.

To the patient, it is most important to recover function, such as speech, chewing and breathing, but also appearance. The functional problems are normally taken care of in university hospitals and dental problems are attended to by specialist dentists in the same hospitals. The appearance can often be much improved at the Institute of Plastic Surgery. We have unique possibilities to improve lips and noses. See our Photo Gallery for examples of patients whose looks we have improved at the Institute of Plastic Surgery.

Tumours of the Nose

It is not uncommon to develop skin cancer on the nose. This often requires excision of both skin and soft tissue. We have methods by which to repair such defects at the Institute of Plastic Surgery.


This is a condition characterized by a red nose that constantly grows and develops odd shapes. The person – usually a middle-aged or older man – suffers considerably. The condition is caused by a growth of the sebaceous glands and blood vessels in the nose, but it can also occur in skin outside of the nose.

When the nose takes on bizarre shapes, the final solution is surgery. The deformed tissue must be removed and the volume decreased. If the excision is deep and a skin transplant must be used, the skin should be taken from a nearby area with the same texture and colour and not from behind the ear with white skin.

Few patients are so pleased as the elderly gentlemen, who can once again walk into the Pub or the Warehouse without encountering laughter.

Rhinophyma surgery is performed at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.