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Protruding Ears

Protruding Ears – Bat Ears – Ear Surgery

Protruding ears is a major problem for children and teenagers. It can also be a problem for somewhat older people. Sometimes, if only one ear is protruding, boys find this more annoying than girls, since girls can hide a protruding ear by their hair style. Boys are often teased for their prominent ears and some even refuse to go to school because of this problem. The corrective procedure takes about one hour and can be performed under local anaesthesia assisted by intra-venous sedation.  

Our technique has the advantage of not leaving any sharp edges on the front of the ear. Other methods can cause this problem, and the ears will look operated on. We create a smooth transition where the cartilage has been refaced. After surgery, you remain in the clinic for a few hours and the sutures will be removed after 1-2 weeks. After the operation you should cover your ears with an ordinary head-band and you will not look operated on. You can have normal social activities after a few days. .

Protruding ears (Bat ears) are corrected at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden. 

Ear Reconstruction

The ear can be damaged due to trauma, such as animal- or even human bites. We can reconstruct partial ear defects at our clinic. In total ear loss, several extensive operations are needed and this should be performed at specialist university clinics.

In partial defects, congenital or traumatic ones, we could perform the reconstruction at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.