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Gynaecomasty (Male Breasts)

Gynaecomasty is a psychological and social problem for many young men and teenage boys. The method we use in operating gynaecomasty consists, in the majority of cases, of a surgical excision of the glandular tissue and then liposuction around the area in order to achieve a smooth transition between the breast and the surrounding area. The reverse order is used in some cases and usually in elderly men with mainly fat and no glandular tissue. The scar becomes virtually invisible as the incision is made inside the pigmented area of the skin.

It is a different problem in elderly men, since their breasts can be large. We perform this by a lift of the nipple areola, and then a reduction of the skin below. This is acceptable only if the chest is hairy, the scar becomes invisible.  

Please note that gynaecomasty can mean very different procedures, performed either under intra-venous sedation or under general anaesthesia.

If you find a lump in the male breast, this could represent a benign or even a malignant tumour, so-called “cancer-pappae”. You must hurry to see an appropriate doctor.