Bild undersida

Temporal Lift

Eventually the eyebrows fall down, mainly laterally. The distance between the eyebrows and the globe is much shorter in men than in women. A shorter distance can be accepted in men, but seldom in women. The skin and soft tissues, including the fat pads of the eyelids eventually also fall down and end up at the last stop on the eye-lashes.

In rejuvenation of the eyes, a combination of temporal lifting and blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids give optimal results. In a few cases, the lifting of the eyebrows only, using a temporal lift, gives an elegant result, even in somewhat younger patients. Unlike the forehead lift, the temporal lift means lifting and suspending the lateral part of the eyebrow. Many women find this shape both beautiful and elegant. Eventually the temporal lift has become one of our most popular procedures. The post-operative period gives few or no problems and the scars are located just inside the hairline. This means no visible scars or hair-loss after temporal lifting. A temporal lift combined with a face-lift is a popular option.

These operations are performed at our modern clinic, The Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.