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Malar and Chin Implant

(Facial Implants)

If you wish to change the facial profile radically, it is appropriate to enlarge the chin. This can be considered if you have a small chin and a big nose. Sometimes enlargement of the chin only can reduce the appearance of the nose. The technique using implants has been developed and is becoming increasingly popular, both with regard to the malar area and the chin. If you look at the face in semi-profile (shown in many places in the Photo Gallery) the contour of the malar area creates an elegant S-shape in young people. In the elderly, this contour is usually flat. The contour has to do with beauty and youth. However, a flat mid-face is not uncommon in young people, and is perhaps not as beautiful as in those lucky individuals who have a convex contour.

Getting older, the malar fat pads fall down, creating deep nasolabial folds. You look tired and sad. We can reshape the contour for the elderly, and we can create a positive, convex contour of the mid-face in young people. To do this, we need either an implant or, today, autologous fat. The implant with its hard surface sometimes creates a more elegant contour in the malar area. Fat is post-operatively infiltrated on 1 - 3 occasions.

In conclusion, the beautiful contour of the mid-face can be created in three ways, or by a combination of the three:

  • Mid-face lift
  • Malar implants
  • Lipoaugmentation with autologous fat.     

The best methods should be discussed with your doctor at the consultation.

These operations are performed at our modern clinic, The Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Scania, Sweden.