Bild undersida


A Face-Lift is a Lift for Both the Face and the Soul!

With a better expression, face-lifting today, using our special techniques could be called facial rejuvenation. Investigation shows that the face-lift results in a longer active social and working life. We remove excess skin and then suspend the soft tissues and SMAS in a completely vertical fashion, using a technique developed by Doctor Wieslander. No other technique gives such a rejuvenation combined with a natural look of the face. The malar area and the jaw line become suspended and receive an elegant contour. The nasolabial folds are virtually eliminated and the lower eyelids improved. Lifting of the upper eyelids and temporal lifting can be performed simultaneously with the face-lift. In somewhat younger patients, mid-face lifts are appropriate. Today we preserve the hair in the temporal area with hair growth through the scars. We have never had such good scars as today. We call our face-lifts either Doctor Wieslander’s Technique or the Vertical SMAS Suspension. We do put tension on the mid-face and the neck, using suspension sutures, but we never put tension on the incision line itself. See our examples in the Photo Gallery of the face-lifts, mid-face lifts and neck lifting. Neck lifting alone is rarely applicable since the edges of the mouth often seem to turn downwards.

Operations are performed at our modern clinic, The Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.