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Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Breasts are sometimes sagging (ptotic) but have a satisfactory volume. In more simple cases we can just lift up the areola/nipple complex, but in more pronounced cases the excess skin must be removed through a regular so-called mastopexy. This is mainly a skin reduction and a lift of the nipple / areola.

In moderate cases, you can perform this by utilising a method that we call the parachute-technique with a scar around the areola, but only a short scar on the front of the breast. 

In more pronounced cases, the skin must be reduced in a larger area and the nipple / areola must be moved upwards. This technique includes a necessary reduction of the skin in the lower part of the breast also, thus creating a scar along the sub-mammary fold. Skin reduction both vertically and horizontally is a necessity in order to create a nice breast-shape.

Mastopexies and reductions of the breast carry a risk of affecting the sensibility of the nipple / areola complex. In young women this also means a risk of losing the breast-feeding capability. Sensibility often returns, but after major reductions it can take many months. After smaller reductions or mastopexies, the results are more favourable and rapid, including the return of erotic sensibility.

Breast reductions and mastopexy, including the parachute technique, are all performed at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.