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Breast Reduction

There are two kinds of breast reduction. One is called mastopexy and means only the reduction of the skin together with a lift of the nipple / areola complex, which creates a beautiful and natural shape of the breast often without any impairment of function. The other kind is called breast reduction and this includes a reduction of the volume. This can sometimes be rather a small reduction, but sometimes a very large one. As we discussed before, large breast tissue reduction do carry with them scars and impairment of function, such as sensibility and breast-feeding ability.

Breast Reduction at the Institute of Plastic Surgery

At the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Malmö we do adapt our technique to the volume and size of the breast. When the sagging of the breast is limited, we can usually perform a so-called parachute breast mastopexy. This means that the scar below the breast (in the sub-mammary fold) can be avoided. However, there will be a scar around the areola, but this is often the most favourable place for scar. In big and potic breasts, a large T-shaped scar cannot be avoided. In such cases, the T-shaped scar is the guarantee for a nice breast shape. Before surgery, we discuss with the patient the appropriate volume to leave. Usually we can fulfil the patient’s desires. Sometimes it is more difficult to create a very small breast, since this affects both circulation and sensibility in an unfavourable way.

There are few types of surgery that women find more satisfying. We have developed safe techniques and have never had any problems with the circulation in the nipple / areola, or in the so-called skin flap. Doctor Wieslander has developed a special technique called the “Supero-medial-pedicle” for very large breasts, and we have never had any serious complications. 

In all large breast reductions we use post-operative drains for 2-3 days as a guarantee against blood or fluid collections.

As described above, the treatment of scars with intra-dermal long-acting suture material (normally Maxoner) and surgical tape or simultaneously a thin polyamid suture, does not create any unnecessary scarring. We follow-up the scar treatment for ten weeks, using tape and the new silicone gels, which helps to reduce scar formation..

Breast reductions are performed at our modern clinic at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.

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