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Breast Deformities

Serious breast deformity, including pronounced asymmetry, can develop in early childhood and often involves deformity of the thorax and the shoulders as well, or later during breast development. This causes deep psychological problems in young women and often affects the entire family as well as social relationships. The use of modern breast reconstructive techniques and breast implants enables volume adjustment for several years and can give excellent results with minimal scars, preserved breast function and sensibility. Old techniques applied to these deformities often create unnecessary scars, both in the breast and in the vicinity, using so-called distant flaps.

The method of tissue expansion gives the possibility to reconstruct severely deformed and asymmetrical breasts (e.g. tubular breasts) and to limit the scars to ordinary breast surgery procedures. See the Photo Gallery.

Breast Reconstruction at the Institute of Plastic Surgery

The breast operations takes place in our clinic at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden – one of the world’s most beautiful and technically advanced private hospitals. See our before-and-after photos in the Photo Gallery!