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Brachioplasty – Sagging Upper Arms

In women, mainly during and after overweight, the tissues in the upper arms can become sagging. In these cases, liposuction is rarely worthwhile after the age of 35. Only an early liposuction can solve the problem. For older patients reduction of both excessive skin and fat is required and this is achieved through a so-called brachioplasty. This means a reduction of skin and fat from the armpit down to the elbow.  The use of a post-operative compression-garment is mandatory for ten weeks. A long sleeve with compression can sometimes be used. The long scar is hidden on the inside of the arm but it will be visible when the arm is raised. This scar is normally acceptable but it can (rarely) turn hyperthropic and become red and hard for many months. These procedures are performed under general anaesthesia or intra-venous sedation.

Brachioplasty (upper arm surgery) is performed at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.