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The French Implants PIP

Read about the French Implants PIP and the Institute of Plastic Surgery.

Read about the French Implants PIP and the Institute of Plastic Surgery.

The Institute of Plastic Surgery has never used the PIP-implants, nor the corresponding ones, which in Germany were called M-implants.
The implants we use are called Perthese, and although they are made in France, the silicone comes from one of the world’s major silicone producers in the USA. The Perthese company was bought up by Mentor some six months ago.
Our implants have been fantastic, causing hardly any complications at all. We have never found any complication caused by the material itself, nor by the cover. We also have a completely unique low frequency of capsular formation (the breasts become hard) in only 1 in 701 patients The implants come with a guarantee of 10 to 12 years against capsular formation and the quality of the implants. In the very few cases (only two so far) when capsular formation has occurred, this has not been repeated after removal of the hard capsule and a replacement of the implants.
There is thus no cause for worry whatsoever, either with regard to our implants or because we nowadays insert 90% of them through the axillary skin. This technique has proved to be safer and better than any other method. The most important reason for this is however that we do not create any “unnecessary” scars on the breast itself.

Cost Removal of PIP-implant SEK14.000:-
Cost removal and insertion of new implant SEK47.000:-

Jan B Wieslander
Plastic Surgeon,  Assistant Professor