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Face Lifts (Wieslander technique)

We have performed approximately 400 facelifts using the technique Vertical SMAS Suspension (a method developed by dr. Wieslander). In the last years we made 200 cases using this unique method. The technique has led to very satisfactory results regarding rejuvenation and correction of age signs.

A questionnaire  was sent out to the patients where they judged the results according to a scale of 0-5 points; with 0 representing  no good and 5 points  very good results. We received 4.6 points after six months and between 4. 9 and 4.6 points after  1, 2 and 5 years.  Ninety patient's answered  the questionnaire regarding their results.The patients evaluated the results regarding the repositioning of the malar fat pad, improvement of the nasolabial fold, stretching of the jaw line and elimination/stretching of the skin below the chin.

We also know that many patient's regard their results as excellent also after more than five years. This study well be performed later.

We thought the results were so interesting that we write this summary under the heading News in our homepage.