Bild undersida


Breasts-without scars

We have made 1080 breast augmentations during the last years. In 910 cases we performed an axillary skin incision. In 170 cases the implants where placed through a submammary (below the breast) incision. In those cases there where almost always a scar in advance.

We have had one mild capsular contraction in one case out of 1080 patients so far. If we look back and don´t calculate the last two years  we have still only had 1 capsular contraction in 701 patients. In only five cases did we have to change the position of one implant in the postoperative period. This was mainly due to  asymmetry in the placement of the breasts from the beginning . We have used round and high implants in 96 % of the cases. All implants were the new so called cohesive gel  type (with no fluid content), which has changed implant surgery. In only 4 % of the cases did we need to use moderate profile implants. These figures are due to our unique method of using intraoperative tissue expansion and a special dissector. We can create the lower breast pole in a more sufficient way than other groups. We have also corrected extreme deformities like severe tubular breasts  using the same technique and in only one session. Something we probably are alone to be able to do.Our patients have shown an extremely high degree of satisfaction.