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Face Lifts (Wieslander technique)

We have performed approximately 400 facelifts using the technique Vertical SMAS Suspension (a method developed by dr. Wieslander). In the last years we made 200 cases using this unique method. The technique has led to very satisfactory results regarding rejuvenation and correction of age signs.


Breasts-without scars

We have made 1080 breast augmentations during the last years. In 910 cases we performed an axillary skin incision. In 170 cases the implants where placed through a submammary (below the breast) incision. In those cases there where almost always a scar in advance.


Vacant Position

We are looking for one more Medical Secretary with good Internet- and computer skills as well as a good command of medical English.


Varicose Veins Treatment

The Institute of Plastic Surgery will soon begin to offer treatment of varicose veins at a very favourable price.


New Photos

We have updated our Before-and-After Photos of patients at our clinic.


Now it is Much More Fun to Shop for Clothes!

In the article "Now it is Much More Fun to Shop for Clothes" published in VELLINGEPOSTEN nr 5 September 2012 we follow Doctor Jan Wieslander and his team all the way through a breast augmentation operation.


New Film about Breast Augmentation

A new informative film about breast augmentation in the form of an interview, in which Doctor Jan Wieslander answers the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation.


The French Implants PIP

Read about the French Implants PIP and the Institute of Plastic Surgery.


Augmentation with Autologous Material

Lips, the malar area, cheeks, wrinkles and defects can be filled out and built up using autologous material, such as fat, fascia (fibrous material) or dermis (the deep part of the skin.)