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Striae and Cellulite

Skin Stretch Marks (Striae) and Cellulites (Dimples) on the Skin

There is still no ideal method for treating so-called striae of the skin, which represent a partial bursting of deeper layers in the skin, and which frequently occur during pregnancy and weight gain. Sometimes we see the same phenomenon in breast augmentation, and when the breasts develop early in teenage girls. Striae on the stomach are improved after abdominoplasty, since large areas of deformed skin are then removed and the skin is stretched in the right way. Striae on the breasts after augmentation are rare and usually diminish during the following months.

In the future, autologous fat could be a possible treatment of striae and so-called cellulites. Cellulites are dimples in the skin, caused by a fibrous band attached on the underside of the skin. This resists enlargement occurring in the nearby skin caused by fat accumulation. There are many methods claiming to improve, or even to remove, cellulites, but most of these treatments only cause an oedema in the skin. It looks better for a while, but then the treatment must be repeated. Cellulite is an incorrect name of this condition, implying an inflammatory process, which is completely false. Cellulites are much more common in obese people, since the fat causes a pressure on the skin from beneath, which makes skin protrude while areas with fibrous attachments below the skin remain as dimples. By liposuction, the pressure on the skin decreases and the condition improves. However, we never promise that “the cellulite” will disappear completely.