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Facial Rejuvenation

The Rejuvenation of the Face

In most cases, either a mid-face or a full face-lift is the optimal method. Read more under these headings in the menu. Face-lifts eliminate unwanted wrinkles and folds by the removal of excess skin and also stretch the face in an appropriate (vertical) direction. We add tension to the skin, but never on the incision lines. Simultaneously we build up the volume in the mid-face by lifting deeper structures.

We often need to combine this with a more superficial treatment of the skin in order to achieve the optimal rejuvenation. Sometimes we begin the superficial skin rejuvenation by the use of laser, dermabrasio, IPL or fractionated laser treatment.  See above.

Remember that, after laser treatment, you must not expose yourself to the sun without protection for 12 months!

Skin rejuvenation with face lifts, IPL, Co2 laser and fractionated laser treatment take place at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour,  Malmö, Sweden.