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Acne of the Face

Acne constitutes a major problem for many young (and even some middle-aged) people and this can continue well into adult life. Treatment of active acne should be handled by skin specialist doctors. Acne is a problem also in that it often leaves scars and frequently also pigmentation changes. The skin is often destroyed deep down and thus loses its elasticity. There have been attempts in the past to treat these scars only by superficial skin treatment methods, like dermabrasio, and the results have been moderate.

We now treat acne in a more thorough fashion and gain – for the first time – significant improvements.

We use a method in 3 steps: 

  1. The skin is suspended by a mid-face lift
  2. The skin surface is treated by laser: On deep scars we use the forceful CO2 laser, and sometimes this is followed-up by the milder fractionated laser, 1-3 times.
  3. Deep acne scars are filled out by autologous fat, which provides both a filling and a healing process that restores the skin.

We call our technique the 3-steps method. Sometimes one of the steps of the treatment can be postponed. See our photos of laser, acne and lipoaugmentation treatments in the Photo Gallery!

These treatments of acne take place in our modern clinic at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.