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Laser Treatment

Fractionated Laser

This technique is a further development of the traditional super-pulsed Co2 laser. The treatment causes a contraction of the skin and thus diminishes wrinkles and folds. The superficial part of the skin becomes red - a redness that usually remains for 2-4 days – but it does not cause any open wounds. Sometimes this treatment needs to be repeated 1-3 times. The interval between treatments can be individually chosen, but at least 4-8 weeks is recommended in order to achieve the best effect. The texture of the skin becomes smoother and takes on a glittering tone. Treatment is suitable after face lifts and eyelid surgery in order to remove fine wrinkles and improve texture. We can also remove any small folds in the eyelids without using the knife, and after the operation some ointment should be applied.

Fractionated laser can be used many times and refreshes the skin, which is usually very popular in early spring.

Superpulsed Co2 Laser

This is the traditional basic Co2 laser, which is a forceful instrument for the removal of superficial parts of the skin, including wrinkles and folds. We achieve good results in skin damaged by acne (scars and irregular pigmentation) and also in the perioral area with superficial and deep folds and wrinkles. The treatment must be performed under good local anesthesia, under general anesthesia or under intra-venous sedation. In the perioral area, we always combine laser treatment with dermabrasio.  This means that we can go somewhat less deep with the laser and still remove both superficial and deep wrinkles and folds in a satisfactory way. The skin needs 6-8 days to heal and is then red for several weeks. The combined treatment with laser and dermabrasio makes the skin heal faster with improved results. There is no better treatment in the perioral area. A mask can be used in the postoperative period in order to facilitate social life.