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Alternative Injections


Botox is an agent (Toxine) which, infiltrated into a muscle in small amounts, prevents it´s activity for some - 3-5 months. We can therefore inject the muscles of the forehead, the glabella area (between the eyebrows) and the lateral part of the muscles around the eyes, in order to prevent the development of wrinkles and folds in these areas, including the so-called craw feet lateral to the eyes that appear when you laugh. We can also lift up the lateral parts of the eyebrows somewhat, which looks elegant. This treatment is safe, provided it has been correctly performed. Otherwise a hanging eyelid can develop after 3-5 months. The treatment must be repeated every 3-5 months. The same kind of treatment is very efficient against arm- and hand sweat, and the efficiency of this type of treatment lasts much longer. 


These agents fill out wrinkles and folds, and can augment the lips. The substance hyaluronic acid is a constituent of normal tissues. It is now synthetically produced and the technique has been developed in Sweden by Pharmacia and Q-Med. It´s an efficient and safe treatment, but must always be used with sensitivity to the esthetic impact and must be repeated every 3-5 months. In the long run, this is an expensive treatment, (SEK3 - 3500 /ml).

This treatment is offered at the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden.

Restylane Sub-Q

Sub-Q is a filler that is closely related to Restylane (hyaluronic acid). It is used in augmentation of the malar area of the face, where additional volume and viscosity might be used. It causes a temporary enlargement, which might last for up to 6 months. In our clinic, we normally enlarge the malar area by either implants or autologous fat. In the long run, the treatment with autologous fat is much more efficient. Sub-Q can be an alternative if you only want to test the effect and your appearance after enlargement. The treatment is simple and almost without any side effects.