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Patient Safety

As a patient, you can feel safe at the Institute of Plastic Surgery. Here you will find both professional experience and well-known methods, and you will also find the latest technical equipment and methods.

We have a proven safety record, both in surgery and in post-operative care. This means that we have developed new technical details at virtually every type of operation to increase patient safety without impairing the results. All post-operative patients are under surveillance by intensive care staff using pulsoximetry and ECG when needed. All patients have access to alarm functions, oxygen and suction devices in each room in order to ensure good breathing functions. All patient beds are adjustable.

All patients are observed until they are completely awake. This means that they should be able to get up, drink water and pass water before leaving the clinic.

Patient safety rests on the education of the staff, operation techniques, post-operative surveillance and the design of the ward.

We fulfil all these requirements with a broad margin.