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About Us

Welcome to the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Malmö, Sweden.

Our clinic consists of two experienced plastic surgeons, two anaesthetist doctors, three surgical nurses, three anaesthetist nurses and two medical secretaries. All have the best competence for their job and are prepared to help you to achieve the best final result.

We have emphasised quality and safety combined with the development of plastic surgery. Our main areas are face-lift, forehead lifts (endoscopic), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasties), nose surgery, everything within breast surgery, such as breast reduction, mastopexy, reconstruction after breast cancer and developmental breast deformities (such as tubular breasts). Furthermore, we have huge experience of abdominoplasty and liposuction. For ten years we have also performed liposculpture (lipoaugmentation with autologous fat). We have experience of laser surgery and treatment with Botox and fillers.


The Institute of Plastic Surgery was founded in 1992 by Associate Professor Jan B. Wieslander who, with over twenty years of medical and surgical experience in plastic surgery, is one of Scandinavia’s most respected specialists within cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

The Institute of Plastic Surgery

At the Institute of Plastic Surgery you will receive the advice and expert help needed when deciding on such an important and perhaps difficult matter as a surgical operation. At the first consultation you always meet the doctor, who will perform the surgery. 

With patients from Scandinavia, North America, Continental Europe and the Middle East, the Institute of Plastic Surgery is one of the leading private clinics for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.  

The Institute of Plastic Surgery in the New Building

After four years of preparation we moved into our new four-storey building in the Western Harbour in Malmö, Sweden in October 2007. Everything is planned to suit the needs of the Institute of Plastic Surgery and its activities. We probably have one of the world’s most beautiful private hospitals and also one of the most technically advanced and secure clinics in Europe and the world. We have four operation theatres and a top modern post-operative recovery department with twelve patient beds, ten of which are in separate rooms.

We have emphasized safety and convenience. Both the patients and the staff have a beautiful view over a canal in the midst of a park. Our closest neighbour (twenty metres away) is the now world-famous Turning Torso, designed by the Spanish internationally known Architect, Calatrava.     

All this is new and visited every day, sometimes by thousands of people from all over the world who, like us, are fascinated by the architecture, the parks, the many swimming areas, the sea and the sky. From our clinic we have an excellent view of all this.